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Feed-Ur-Leads - Lead Management Application

Are you looking for a better solution to store your large number of lead contacts in a simple and effective way? Choose Feed-Ur-Leads, a user-friendly application developed for assisting people in storing contacts and make use of it without any interruption.

A lot of people finds it difficult to store several hundreds of lead contacts and retrieve it whenever they want, especially those who are working in the sales and distribution department. Use of this application makes it easy to store contacts and get in touch with the leads on the spot.

Use Feed-Ur-Leads Application for the following

  • To organize contact details on a priority basis
  • Call or message with a single touch
  • Update Contacts
  • Negate Duplications
  • Anytime, Anywhere access

Install this application on your destop and start organizing your leads effectively. Feel free to call us for getting more information on the application.

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