Kidz Well-wishers App

Kidz Well-wishers App

Kids who love to be in the online space and play with various applications can expose to various cyber threats. In many recent cyber incidents kids were constant victims of threats like malware attacks, social media scams, cyber bullying and pedophilic crimes, to name a few. Poor parents will not be aware of such matters until things get worsen.

Today kids have access to stuffs that parents cannot even imagine. And this is something to worry about. It's time to make your kids future safe and secured. You can keep your child away from the pitfalls of the cyber world using our reliable parental control application - Kidz Well-wishers.

Parents can use this application for:-

  • Blocking certain children's apps
  • Blocking certain harmful websites
  • Scheduling Internet and app use
  • Managing access to Wi-fi and cellular connects
  • Blocking distracting 3rd party applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

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