Doctor-Patient App

Doctor-Patient App

The application has been developed to make it easy for doctors to collect the details of a patient from a single source point. Instead of searching for a patient's details in various records, a doctor is able to check the medical details of a patient in an easy way using this application. This paid app allows a doctor to check the registration details, medical conditions, appointment with doctors and appointment for house visits for each patient with a single click. The app also gives details about the pending lab orders and the payment details of a patient.

A chat option provided in the application allows a patient to consult with doctors whenever he wants

Do you want to take appointment as a patient? A patient can use this application, if he or she is registered with the application. Now it's time to forget about the bad experiences you had earlier by standing on the local queue in the hospital compound for registration as well as checking the availability of doctors. With a single click you can register and even consult with the concerned the doctor about your medical condition.

Register in the app and view doctor's appointments and medical description given by a doctor to you. It is easy to complete the hospital procedures from your home couch. In case of emergency you can enable the chat option and consult with a doctor about your medical condition.

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