29 SepDeciding factors in the success of App Development

Instead of spending 24 hours in front of the desktop, just be outside for a chill-out. But make sure you have all the required applications on your smartphone. Yes, applications are our virtual friends that connect us with the real world and make us believe hi-tech.

Now let us think about the essential ingredients that can assist us in developing a highly successful application.

Before developing an application we should be able to figure out the requirements of the target crowd, and should be able to visualize a tech creation that stands out from the crowd, on its specific functionalities. How can you create applications that can be called as only one of its kind?

Follow this app development checklist to develop applications that offer maximum downloads and returns.

Refine your App Development Idea - Once you decide to develop an application, the next step is to sieve your ideas. Analyse the functionalities of similar applications available in the market, and think how can you make a difference in a user-friendly way. What type of functionalities can you integrate in the app and beat the market competition?

Draw a rough sketch of the App - Once you refine your ideas, it is time to draw a rough sketch of it. Make sure your ideas can be easily explained to others. Applications should be developed with users in the mind. Place yourself in the user side and see whether you are getting any benefits from the application.

Strategize your App development plan - Write about the application, its functionalities, and the target market. After writing a brief summary of the app, you have to write about the marketing plan, goals to be achieved and the expected downloads and returns.

Know your audience - We can call app development a great success, only when it is having a large number of users. Know your target audience before starting the development procedures. Use audience survey services offered by Flurry, Google Trends, and Quantcast to dig deep into the audience research. Never develop applications without having a proper plan on the target audience.

Highlights of the App - Write down the special features that distinguish your application from several hundred in the market. It is important to convey the requirements clearly to the developers so as to bring an exceptional one.

Monetization of the App - The applications developed by you can bring money in many ways. Like

  • Advertisements
  • Purchases
  • Subscription
  • Free premium
  • Paid apps

Just try all the options and find out which will offer you best returns. Then proceed with it.

Start branding procedures along with the development - To be in the forefront of the competition, you should concentrate on the branding process. Branding starts with the selection of a striking logo, caption, style guide, trademark and tagline. Your branding activities will be a talk of the town, only if ignites a spark.

The importance of a stunning design - The designing part has the power to decide whether the app is a hit or a miss. Analyze the different ways that can bring an impressive design.

Make development time specific - Create a time planner to allot time for developing each app module. This helps in negating waiting time.

Mark an online presence - To market your application successfully, you have to create a branding wave in the online space. You have to take the attention of the target audience towards it using social media sites, blogs, websites etc.

Building a network - Identify the big players of the industry and connect with them. Invite them to the app launching ceremony and allow the application launch news reach a wide area.

Version upgrades and services - Clearly mention about the maintenance services and other support services you will provide to the people who are going to use the application. You should also inform them about the version upgrades.

The naming of the App - Give a catchy name to your app. Your app is going to hit the market in that name, so should be careful while giving a name. Brainstorming helps in making the naming ceremony a great success.

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